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Who we are

Lawwly is the product of the combined effort of law students, lawyers, professors and software developers. We are a centralized data hub for legal research, networking, and learning. Our team works tirelessly to develop innovative and powerful web and mobile applications designed to help simplify the understanding of the law.

Liberty & Justice for all

Legal empowerment is all about enabling every person with the knowledge and ability to understand and utilize the laws of our nation to protect their rights and fulfill their dreams. Lawwly is committed to actively advancing the spread of legal empowerment by providing free access to our user-friendly and innovative research tools.


Helping future lawyers navigate their careers

We're here to assist future lawyers on their journey towards their professional careers in the law. Our centralized hub of innovative web applications provides you with professionally tailored LSAT prep, extensive case briefs & outlines, comprehensive bar exam preparation materials, and more.

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